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Wharfedale & Airedale Horse Riding Organisation

About us:

We are a recently formed not for profit organisation promoting improved access for local horse riders.  We also welcome any cyclists who would like to join us.

We also have a page on Facebook.

We aim to:     Get recreational riding recognised

Open up/re-establish routes for people to ride in safety

Address road safety issues

We will achieve this by:

Acting as a pressure group for change

Liaising with the local authorities

Providing a discussion forum and support network

Collecting and sharing information

Mapping old ridden routes

Submitting claims to secure bridleway or restricted byway status for the important missing links.

2 thoughts on “Wharfedale & Airedale Horse Riding Organisation

  1. Harry Binns on November 27, 2012 at 8:03 pm said:

    I am reading the small article in the T and A page 16 (bottom corner) Subject “Tack on Sale” at Baildon Golf Club
    Forgive me for emailing you , but I thought I might let you know , (and perhaps sell to someone in your organisation !!!
    About 50 years ago , I think it was 1963 , I bought in a Charity Auction , at a Charity Night held at Harvey Smiths Stables in Eldwick, a magnificent affair with Acker Bilk being the Band on the night .,
    It is the Sheepskin Nose Band and all the appropriate Strappings worn by the famous O’Malley in many International events , and the appropriate Newspaper Cutting of the day and a Signed Photograph of Harvey on O’Malley.
    I think this is a wonderful piece of Equestrian Memorabilia
    There is plenty of information and Videos about ther achievments can be seen on Google about Harvey and the famous O’Malley in the early 1960s.
    I also have plenty of info myself , The Condition is very good , it has never been out of the wrappings since the
    day I bid on it ,
    If any of your members should be personally interested or one of your clubs as a piece of local memorabilia
    Please free to email me
    Harry Binns
    Email address is

    Again , may apologies for troubling you , but I just thought there might be someone interested in buying this from me .,

    • Hello Mr Binns
      The table top tack sale was a very successful event where new and exisiting members brought items of horse tackle and riding clothing and accessories to buy sell and exchange. It was interesting to her about the items in your possession from O’Malley, especially as an organisation, we have had some contact with Harvey Smith himself.

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